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Fractions – free teaching tools

May 17, 2011

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the free fraction tools at Conceptua Fractions. They are interactive online tools that use visual models to teach all fraction operations. They have a tool for identifying fractions, another for equivalent fractions, another for adding fractions with like denominators, another for adding with unlike denominators, and so on.

Theys include several different visual models, and you can switch between them in an instant… the pie, a bar, a rectangle, a number line, or a dot model. You hover over the area to see the slider, and then you can drag it to partition your model into however many parts you want (well, up to 90 or 100 or so). Then you color or uncolor the parts with a single click inside the parts.

It is important to scaffold learning by visualising concepts as many students will find it easier to understand maths concepts or make links if they can see visual representations


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