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Converting time

May 20, 2011

I am noticed some students having problems calculating time, in particular converting between hours and minutes. For example a recent exam question involved adding times up.  All students were able to successfully add the hrs and mins columns and get 5 hrs and 118 mins.  However quite a few used their normal method of addition and carried over the first number 1 in their mins column to the hour column.   They had forgotten or did not know to change the mins into hrs and mins first,  giving an answer of 6 hrs and 18 mins.  This game from the BBC could be a useful tool in correcting that problem, it could be used as a whole class teaching activity or could be an individual student activity

The activity involves comparing times hours and mins versus minutes) to see if they are equal or greater or less than each other.  To. succeed they will have to convert time.  Will try this with a class in the future.


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