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Mathematics and Bloom’s Taxonomy

June 1, 2011

Thinking about the different levels of Bloom’s taxonomy is useful when writing ILO’s or planning questions for students. So often questions relate only to the lower order thinking skills.  Nrich has a small number of articles on Bloom’s taxonomy, this by Jennifer Piggott showing the heirarchy of thinking skills together with skills and question cues and this by Jenni Way on using questioning to stimulate mathematical thinking, with an addendum also which includes ideas for questions to use for student investigation.

From the I.S. 93 school comes this Bloom’s Taxonomy Mathematics Chart which includes sample tasks for each level of the taxonomy

Lindsey Shorser has written a short paper on the interpretation of Bloom’s taxonomy for Mathematics.

A very useful resource is this booklet of sample questions which has been created as part of a project funded by the NCETM on Questioning the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy(scroll down the page for the final report).

For further questions which require higher order thinking skills see the Levelopaedia from Kangaroo Maths which has numerous probing questions by level.


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