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Lesson on circumference and Area of A circle

March 20, 2012
Active Learning Classroom Panorama

Active Learning Classroom Panorama (Photo credit: acroamatic)

Teaching this lesson was fun. Students worked together on the active learning activity I devised and the is this rack track fair problem was something the learners really got stuck into.  By the end of the lesson they were able to work out where to stagger runners in order to make a race fair, using the knowledge of circles.  As a teacher I sometimes shy away from problem solving as I worry if the difficulty of the problem might effect the success of my learners learning.  However this problem hooked the learners, allowed them to use the skills they have learnt, got them discussing and questioning and got them to use maths for a real problem. However I feel it is important to scaffold these kind of problems.  For example I made sure the learners could already work out circumference and area, I provided support and paired them up to offer each other support.


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