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Maths in Work videos

The big theme this year and for the foreseeable future at my FE college is employability and enterprise.  There are many strategies and techniques to improve the employability of learners in maths class.  One way is to relate maths to the real world of work.  These videos help do that.


Maths Article

Interesting article on why learners are dropping out of maths, sounds to me like surface learning versus deep learners.  

Teachers comments on lessons

Excellent site featuring teachers comments on lessons/resources they have used,  always good to see what other teachers are doing and pick up ideas.  Peer learning is the best type of learning.

Mental Maths videos

A link to some music videos that help encourage mental maths, part of the Chris Moyles mental maths challenges.

Flash games

A great site for making your own maths flash games, some of them are free.  The Fling the teacher game is particularly good.

Maths at the Olympics

Have been using a few London 2012 Olympic themes with maths topics in class which students seem to enjoy, especially when teamed up with a few videos of Usain Bolt winning.  Here is a website with good maths resources based on the Olympics.  Also an interesting article asking how fast Usain Bolt can run.

Real world data

A good site for working on real life data when doing stats